F&I Services

Small to mid-size vendor solutions, full-on enterprise F&I solutions - even solutions to help fill the gaps during those busy times or during parental leaves of absence. When it comes to F&I solutions, we have you covered.

F&I Solutions to help you close more


Ensuring a positive customer experience means more than just having a nice showroom. It’s also about providing professional assistance to your customers at every step of the way. Often overlooked, finance and insurance (F&I) are just as important as a demonstration of your commercial truck, trailer or equipment. Why leave that to chance by handing your customer over to a lease broker or a lender?

DFS is the leading provider of commercial finance solutions in North America. Through our network, you’ll get access to the best terms and conditions from every major lender in North America.

Plus, we do all the heavy lifting when it comes to processing transactions, so you can focus on what you do best: sell equipment. More importantly, we ensure that your brand experience is maintained long after the unit is delivered, which can’t be said with lease brokers or finance companies.

DFS offers deal management solutions for every size of equipment vendor. They range from customized, off-site F&I management to your own fully-staffed, on-site finance department.

Why DFS?

  • We deliver the best customer experience in the industry
  • Professionally trained Certified Commercial Finance Managers
  • Best terms and conditions from every major lender
  • We are not a broker or a lender: we work for you
  • Our service is branded to your dealership, so customers have a seamless experience

Small to Mid-Size Vendor Solutions

Can’t justify a full-time finance department? Our unique remote platform, Cloud F&I, provides all the benefits of having your own virtual F&I manager without the overhead, training, and set-up costs. We work for you: calls and emails are answered in your name, and the finance revenue goes directly to you. Never lose a sale again because of financing.

Vacation / Parental-Leave Coverage

Are you facing a staffing shortage in your finance office? Our friendly off-site finance management centre is the ideal solution to make sure your customers are never without assistance. Seamless and integrated into your business, we can provide F&I services whenever you need.

Enterprise Solutions

Need to set-up or replace a full-time finance department? Our embedded finance professionals can staff your finance office on-site. Leverage our network to take advantage of the best terms and conditions from nearly every lender. Plus, our Certified Finance Managers are the only turn-key, purpose-trained staffing solution in the marketplace.


Having an exceptionally busy month? Is your current finance department overwhelmed? Let us help. Our off‑site finance management centre can handle the overflow to make sure your customers are never waiting for an approval.