Sales Finance Training for Sales Representatives

Finance is presented to equipment salesmen from a customer’s perspective, through the eyes and experiences of real business owners we illustrate the pivotal role financing plays in their purchasing decisions.

Salesmen learn that every time a customer wants or needs to finance they create a new set of deal drivers, how they use finance to manage these drivers will impact their ability to convert sales opportunities to closed sales.

Sales Finance Training for Sales Managers

Managers learn to how to make their F&I department a powerful sales force multiplier in order to optimize the time and efforts of front line salesmen.   As a results, salesmen will close more sales, F&I departments will financed more of those sales, and overall gross profit per sales will increase.

Sales Finance Training for F&I Managers

DFS recognized the need to define the standard for Commercial F&I professionalism along with a customer orientated code of conduct, which is why it founded the Certified Commercial Finance Manager’s Association in 1998.

The Association’s goal for training is to provide a continuing education program specifically for Commercial F&I Managers that enables them to understand commercial and corporate financings from all points of view: the customers, the salespersons, the dealership, and the financing provider.

CCFMA Professional Development keeps your Certified Finance Managers℠ on the leading edge of commercial sales and credit issues.

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