Finance Delivery Platforms

We specialize in helping heavy truck and equipment dealers to create new or to optimize existing sales financing platforms.   As a result, these dealers are:

Generating More Profits

Fees and commissions from brokering is significant. For example; a publicly traded company recently reported (Dec 31, 2018) it generated over $5,370 for ever $100,000 in brokered transactions.   That’s real money and it is only a portion of what’s available!

What’s more important is that by brokering your own deals, you get to decide on how much the broker fee needs to be, if you pass it back to the customer as a discount, if you share it with your sales reps or if you keep it, its all up to you.

Closing More Sales

20% higher close rates.  Dealers that trained their sales representative to use financing during the sales process close more sales, and make better margins per sale.

Capturing Highly Valuable Information

The information gathered during the financing process is insanely valuable, and its all there for you to use to:

  • Target additional and future equipment sales opportunities.

  • Cross sell other products and services.

  • Built stronger more profitable relationships.

If want to have a say over who keeps the broker fees, and if you want to close more sales, please contact me, Rod Owens, @ 250 549 1787 or