DFS offers a proven range of sales financing services to optimize sales and sales financing efforts of commercial equipment manufacturers and their dealers.  From designing effective delivery platforms, recruiting, training, mentoring, management & supervisors, performance appraisals, and compliance audits.

Platform Design
A great F&I department is carefully designed to meet the sales and profit goals of the organization, where design means:

  • Goals are clearly defined.
  • Policies, and procedures, are carefully crafted and effectively communicated.
  • Sales management, sales staff, and finance staff are sufficient trained to meet the sales & profit goals.
  • Compensation and incentive plans are aligned with the direct and goals of the ownership.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are expanded to better measure the efforts that contribute to the success of the dealership.
  • Internal controls are designed and implemented to effectively prevent and/or detect problems that undermine the sales and profit goals.

DFS works both with manufacturers and dealers to design platforms that meet their sales and profit goals.

Staffing Services
DFS provides commercial F&I and credit staff on both a temporary and long term contracts to manage dealership’s F&I and Credit departments.

Performance Appraisals and Risk Reviews
Our experienced F&I appraisers and auditors are trained to reliable test and report on the effectiveness of management’s ability to successfully implement and manage the sales and sales financing efforts of the dealership.

Sales finance training workshops are available for sales managers and their sales staff to ensure they can effectively use financing as a tool to close more sales.

Comprehensive F&I and Risk Management training programs are available for F&I managers, Account Receivable Managers, Rental & Leasing Managers.  F&I training programs are compliant with the Certified Commercial Finance Managers Association. (www.ccfma.com)

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