F&I Performance Appraisals

Turnover Appraisal:

74% of unrealized F&I sales  (money left on the table) are the result of weak turnover practices.  The turnover appraisal examines how effectively sales management is integrating the dealer’s F&I business into the sales culture.

F&I Appraisal:

The F&I Appraisal examines the F&I manager’s performance to support the sales efforts of the sales department, maximize profit margins, and to strengthen the dealer-client relationship.

Comprehensive Appraisal:

The comprehensive appraisal examines the performance of the senior management team.   Beginning with a deep dive into the goals, and the underlying policies and procedures associated with the dealership’s F&I business.

With executive level goals and guidance clearly defined, the comprehensive appraisal examines the effectiveness of the following areas in reaching the dealership’s goals:

  • Marketing (internal and external)

  • Information utilization

  • Compensation and bonus plans for sales managers, sales representatives, and F&I and F&I support staff

  • Training & development plans for staff members

  • F&I Performances of the sales managers, sales representatives and F&I staff

  • Internal controls

  • Performance management

Appraisal ROI:

All appraisals are quoted based on 100% risk free ROI satisfaction guarantee.  For a quote please call me,  Rod Owens,  250 549 9554